Here you can find some of the early consignments for the upcoming sale. Make sure you check back regularly for new listings and photos of the cattle to be sold.

Sale Date: Saturday, October 26, 2019 - 6:00pm

End of The Road Red Angus

1 Registered Red Angus Bull, 2 years old, big stout bull, good genetics
2 Registered Red Angus Bulls, 18 months, good bulls ready to turn out

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DeGraffenreid Red Angus

3-Red Angus bulls, 2 years old, 1,500 lbs., good breeding bulls

Bellis Farm

9 Blk cows, 4-6 yrs., 1,200 lbs., bred 3rd to Blk Ang bull. Cows are gentle & had all shots.

Horse Creek Cattle Co.

7 Blk hfrs., 800 lbs., bred 1st to Ang bull. 20 Blk cows, 5-6 yrs., 1,300 lbs., w/ 20 calves & bred back to Ang. 6 Blk cows, 5-6 yrs., 1,300 lbs., bred 2nd & 3rd to Ang. 30 Blk cows, 5-6 yrs., 1,200 lbs., w/ 250 lb. calves. 25 Blk cows, 5-6 yrs., 1,250 lbs., bred 2nd & 3rd to Red Ang bulls. 2 Red Ang bulls., 3 yrs., 1,500 lbs.

Sanders Ranch

15-2 year old Angus Heifers w/ 200 lb. calves at side. 15-2 year old heifers bred 3rd to LBW Angus bulls. Extremely nice set of heifers, well cared for, complete vaccination program.

Gaffney Family Cattle

2- Registered Black Angus bulls, 18 months, 1,400 lbs. good genetics and EPD's.
1-Registered Black Angus bull, 20 months, 1,500 lbs. good genetics and EPD's.
2-Hereford bulls, 1 Horned, 1 polled, 18 months, good stout bulls ready to turn out.

Ali U's

1 Reg. White Park bull, 2 yrs., good gentle bull