Here you can find some of the early consignments for the upcoming sale. Make sure you check back regularly for new listings and photos of the cattle to be sold.

Sale Date: Saturday, January 25, 2020 - 6:00pm

Honeyfield Farms-Dispersal

Sold the farm so selling every animal on the farm. All cows are home raised and have not purchased a cow in over 50 years.
40-Red Gelv/Balancer cows, 3-8 yrs., w/ calves weighing up to 300 lbs. Running back with bulls
50-Red Gelv/Balancer cows, 3-8 yrs., bred 2nd & 3rd to Seedstock Plus bulls.
10 Red Gelv/Balancer heifers, 1,000 lbs., open ready to breed this spring.
5-Red Gelbvieh bulls, 3-7 yrs., Seedstock Plus Bulls

Johnson Stock Farms

10-Fancy Black Angus Heifers, 1,200 lbs., bred to calving ease black Angus bulls, start calving Feb.

Norton Farms

45 Angus Cows, 5-8 yrs., 1,200 lbs., w/35 calves, rest of the cows bred 3rd.