Here you can find some of the early consignments for the upcoming sale. Make sure you check back regularly for new listings and photos of the cattle to be sold.

Sale Date: Saturday, August 24, 2019 - 6:00pm

Culbertson Farm Complete Dispersal

44 Ang cows, 5-7 yrs., 1,300 lbs., bred 3rd to Sim Ang bulls. All cows raised & weaned a calf in June. Due Sept. 1st for 75 days.

BB Farms

26 Ang cows, 3-5 yrs., 1,250 lbs. w/26 Ang clvs weighing 250 lbs. 6-Red & Blk cows, 3-5 yrs., 1,250 lbs., bred 3rd to Red Ang or Blk Ang bull. 1-Blk Ang bull, 5 yrs., 1,800 lbs. 1-Red Ang bull, 4 yrs., 1,800 lbs. Selling due to health reasons

Mitch Grace

20 Blk Ang cows, 3 yrs., 1,250 lbs., bred 3rd. 5-Blk Ang cows, 4-5 yrs., 1,250 lbs., bred 3rd. Cows bred to Blk Balancer bulls, start Sept. 1st for 60 days, good calf raisers