Here you can find some of the early consignments for the upcoming sale. Make sure you check back regularly for new listings and photos of the cattle to be sold.

Sale Date: Saturday, May 26, 2018 - 6:00pm

Rector Farms

39 Blk & BWF hfs., 950 lbs., 21 mos., bred 2nd to Polled Hereford Journagen Ranch bulls. Heifers pelvic measured & had all shots. Outstanding set of hfs. born & raised on same farm.

Cole Ranch

15 BWF & RWF Hfs., 1,000 lbs., 20 mos., 2nd period, had all shots, poured & pelvic measured. Excellent set of super gentle hfs. born & raised on same farm.
1 Reg. Blk Angus Bull, 2 ½ yrs., 1,600 lbs., calving ease bull

Mallicoat Farms

14 Hereford Cows, 5 yrs., 1,250 lbs., bred 2nd & 3rd to Angus bulls

Reynolds Farm

10 PB Angus Cows, 1,400 lbs., bred to Horned Hereford bull
9 Angus Cows, 1,350 lbs. with 9 Angus calves up to 400 lbs.
Very fancy set of gentle cows

Gull Farm

9 Black GelbviehX Cows, 2-6 yrs., with 9 calves up to 400 lbs. Cows all home-raised.
16 Mix Cows, 1,200 lbs., with calves or heavy springers, very good cows.

Hilty Ranch

200 PB Angus Cows, 1,300 lbs., 6 yrs.-SS, bred 2nd to Blk Angus & Blk SimAngus for Sept. 1st calving. Most cows are A-I sired from Midland, In-Focus, Retail Product, New Design & Objective lines.
Very fancy set of cows, all shots, owner only selling as heifers have been retained, cows raised & been together since birth.

Klinksick Farms

2 ½ Red Angus-½ Lim. Bulls, 2 yrs., 1,700 lbs., gentle & fancy

R-H Farm

32 Angus Cows, 3-4 yrs. with 32 Angus calves
4 Red Cows, 4 yrs., with 4 red calves
Good cows and good calves

Maggard Farms

2 Reg. Angus Cows, 1,350 lbs., 5-9 yrs.
6 Blk. & BWF Cows, 1,350 lbs., 5-9 yrs.
1 Reg. Horned Hereford Bull, 3 yrs.

Cossins Farms

30 CharX Cows, 3-6 yrs., 1,300 lbs., with 200 lb. Char calves, cows running back with Horned Hereford bull
Cows & calves all worked and gentle.

McMillian Farms

2 PB Char. Bulls, 18 mos., 1,100-1,200 lbs.
Lim-CharX Bull, 18 mos., 1,200 lbs.